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Our yard can be given more life by creating a lovely landscape in it. There are so many ways to do it just like adding pathways, plants of different types, outdoor structures like a pergola, water features, and others. Speaking of water features, one water feature that will surely bring your garden to life is a pond. Ponds are nice additions to a garden because aside from bringing water into the scene, it gives the place that feeling of nature with fishes, plants, and even birds in it. It can also add drama to the space making relaxation a lot more fulfilling. It can also make you feel like you have your very own park in your house especially if your pond is large!

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Artificial rock waterfall repair phoenix

Falling Water Designs offers complete landscape design services. When you contact us, we will meet you at your site to. Falling Water Designs is an award-winning full-service landscape design and build company, located in the greater Seattle area, specializing in the design and installation of ponds and water features. Falling Water Designs also has years of experience building patios, fire pits, fences, setting up irrigation, repairing and regularly maintaining ponds and so much more!

Visit our Services page to learn about everything we have to offer. Water can be soothing, exhilarating, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

It encourages us to recharge and relax. The shimmering movement and sparkle of koi fish and beautiful water lily blooms add to the serene setting. Contact Us. Discover More Discover More. Landscape Design Falling Water Designs offers complete landscape design services.

When you contact us, we will meet you at your site to Discover More Discover More. Welcome to Falling Water Designs. We are here to provide balance in your life through beauty in your garden. Services by Falling Water Designs. Facebook Youtube. Looking for Falling Water Gardens? Click Here. Do you enjoy our work? Please leave us a review!

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Landscaper to Build your Backyard Fish Pond

Koi ponds are one of the most beautiful additions you can make to your landscape, and koi are beautiful creatures. But even though they can't play fetch or roll over, fish are living things like any other pet that require more attention than your garden's other residents. Are you ready for the care required of a koi pond? What do you need to know about these exotic fish and their environments before you install your pond? We went to Mike Gulla, a landscape designer with Neave Group Outdoor Solutions in Wappingers Falls, New York, and asked him some questions about the design process used by the Neave Pools and Neave Aquatics divisions to create amazing pools and ponds that support a community of koi. Here's a look at some of his answers:. There are no right or wrong options; it all depends on your design preference and budget.

companies that specialises in the manufacturing of koi ponds, fibreglass products, swimming pool, jaccuzzi, Landscape Design & Sculpture Rock Wall.

DIY: Create your own Koi pond

We have been around the Ashland and Wooster areas for over 40 years. We turn backyards and commercial landscapes in Dallas, TX into beautiful rock and water environments. It is often common for most swimming pool water features to be constructed using concrete. An aerial view of a swimming pool with two large artificial sand banks that gradually step down into the deeper main pool. Do not attempt to use artificial landscaping rocks as weight bearing installations for swimming pools or hot tubs. Replications Unlimited designs and fabricates unique and high-quality artificial features for home or commercial use. GFRC and foam rock products don't install as easily.

2018 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards

Recuperate from your hectic day with free moments, listening to the soothing sounds of water gardens and taking in the sight of a professional low maintenance landscape. The Purely Ponds team is confident that the addition of a water garden, pond, pondless waterfall or pond fountain to your landscape will bring you pleasure for years to come. There are a number of ways that you can beautify your lawn with landscaping in Colorado Springs, CO. Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes is among the premier landscaping companies in Colorado Springs, CO that can incorporate a water feature into your landscaping plan. Our team can help you with water feature landscaping in your yard to find the perfect pond, waterfall, or fountain to enhance your new landscaping plan.

Water features are relaxing and add to an oasis-type ambiance in your outdoor space. The addition of koi to your pond only serves to further that sense of serenity.

34 Water Garden and Koi Pond Designs for the Backyard and Patio

Pergolas are beautiful additions to any residential landscape and are an effective way for homeowners to upgrade their properties. From increasing home value to adding a touch of extra Custom waterfalls have long been a popular water feature many homeowners choose to add to their outdoor spaces and pools, and for good reason! This luxurious addition is gorgeous, Retaining walls are a staple to functional landscaping in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas! Host and entertain guests outside

Welcome to Falling Water Designs

A number of animals consider koi to be a tasty treat, so you'll need to take steps to make your koi pond predator-proof. That's why they go to the lengths that they do to find the right contractor to assist them with the task. Read millions of reviews and get information about project costs. Water Feature Artists SinceKoi Pond Lighting. Virginia Ponds. We are your outdoor artists of Landscape Design and Installation including Ponds, Waterscaping, Hardscaping, Murals and Theme Building, and discount pond supplies for your fish pond.

They can fit well into both modern and traditional landscapes. Transform your garden with this incredibly designed koi pond.

Backyard Koi Pond

A backyard koi pond is one of those high-end yard installations that give your yard the perfect finish. The calm atmosphere and lovely view can turn a corner of your yard into a relaxing oasis, perfect for winding down at the end of a hectic day. Installing a backyard pond can be a technical nightmare for a do-it-yourself homeowner, so it might seem natural to talk with a landscaping company about creating a fish pond in your backyard. It takes a pond expert to install a backyard pond that will add value to your home and allow you to enjoy your yard for years to come.

Garden at Buckingham Palace

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Search Products:. Pond dredging equipment for sale. All are remote control unmanned and traverse on a cable. Silt-Bot removes silt, sediments, and slurry from ponds, lagoons, and small lakes. Pond Sediment Removal dismantable dredger. We make use of a variety of specialised dredging attachments that allow us to dredge the most complicated sediments.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Pond dredging equipment for sale

Elevated front porch ideas. You can add a creative pop of color to your landscaping by painting your tires. Make sure the door is in good shape with new paint and flawless windows before working on the landscape. Your porch theme can even set the stage for other fall decor throughout the rest of your home. Visit the PawHut Store. While you're at it, … 2 ofThe front porch is large and the house is by Perkerson Park.

San Diego Backyard Pond & Koi Pond Designs

Are you thinking about renovating your backyard Koi Pond or having a new Pond or water feature installed in your West Michigan home? This particular Koi Pond had been initially constructed in to a previous homeowner. The homeowner purchased the home after the pond had been installed, so they inherited this pond. The walls were caving in because of poor stonework, the pond leaked, and the pond was overgrown with lilies and other aquatic plants that were very invasive.


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