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The numerous thick but narrow thick leaves of this small plant are apple green, curved and pointed, looking a lot like green beans, as the name Happy Bean suggests. The dark stripe along the top of the leaf is actually a translucent window: light enters through this opening to green cells inside the leave which is where the plant carries out its photosynthesis. You must be logged in to post a review. Brighter conditions flush the leaves to an almost uniform yellow tone and encourage the pink to go pastel. Illustris has so much colour in simple shades, from the deep green edge to lime brushstrokes, the red central stem and bright white feathered highlights.

  • Peperomia Happy Bean 120mm & Pot
  • Peperomia ferreyrae - Happy Bean Peperomia - Pincushion Peperomia - Rare Succulent - Rare Peperomia
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  • How do you care for a Happy bean plant?
  • Peperomia 'Happy Bean'
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Peperomia Happy Bean 120mm & Pot

Live plants are only available for pickup at our location or delivery within Saskatoon. Live plants cannot be shipped outside of Saskatoon safely due to unregulated temperatures in the transportation methods used by shipping companies.

If you have requested curbside pick up you will receive a secondary email notifying you when your plants are ready to be picked up. Light: Bright, indirect light to medium light. Do not place in direct sun. Water: Water once the top of the soil feels dry. Do not overwater.

Soil: Use a well-draining potting soil mix. Cactus mix or regular potting soil. All products are added to your cart. Home Peperomia Happy Bean. Back Back. Peperomia Happy Bean In stock. Peperomia is an easy to grow houseplant. Peperomia Happy Bean has bean like leaves, which give it the name! In stock. Ordered before , delivered tomorrow! You got: hours.

Peperomia Happy Bean Live plants are only available for pickup at our location or delivery within Saskatoon. Related products. Pro Mix Potting Soil Mix has been added to your shopping cart With the use of mycoactive ingredients, this soil is superior when transplanting your indoor and outdoor container plants.

It prevents transplant shock and gets your plants established quickly while helping with nutrient and water uptake. Make a choice. Continue shopping View cart. Grace Fab Pot 4. Fill this beauty with your favourite trailing houseplant for a stunning look! Pot Me Up! Pick a plant and a pot; we recommend going about 1"-2" larger for your pot and we can pot them up for you!

Peperomia ferreyrae - Happy Bean Peperomia - Pincushion Peperomia - Rare Succulent - Rare Peperomia

The Peperomia ferreyrae goes by many names. It is a lovely foliage plant that looks very different from other peperomia species despite coming from the same genus. It has longer, narrower leaves that are distinctively separate from one another. And, the kind of like a very miniature tree from afar. The Peperomia ferreyrae is a semi-succulent. It features beautiful fleshy leaves capable of storing moisture. This also allows it to tolerate neglect.

Preferring light humidity, Peperomia appreciate deep watering once the soil has dried out somewhat, but do not let the plant become waterlogged as this will.

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Peperomia ferreyrae. Stores Flyers and magazines Fr En. Annuals Fall Perennials. Fr En. Tips and tricks Blog Plants to discover Flower Arrangements. Created by. Houseplants to discover - Pincushion Peperomia or Happy Bean.

How do you care for a Happy bean plant?

Jump to navigation Content. The plucky Peperomia is the Houseplant of the month for April. Decorative to look at, eye-catching as a solo performer, fabulous in the company of other Peperomias. Use our POS material - which you can download for free - to draw extra attention to these beautiful plants. You can find it using the link at the bottom of this article.

Live plants are only available for pickup at our location or delivery within Saskatoon.

Peperomia 'Happy Bean'

Peperomia ferreyrae is a very unique rare house plant. It is typically called Happy Bean or Pincushion peperomia because of its Long bean like foliage. You will receive a well established Peperomia plug. The plant pictured is an excellent example of what you will receive. The best windows in a house for this kind of light are a northern or eastern window.

4″ Happy Bean Peperomia

Potting: Peperomia ferreyrae grows well in containers. Shallow containers are best as the plant has a shallow root system. Always ensure that a free draining potting medium is used. We recommend a good quality potting mix with the addition of sharp sand or gravel to improve the drainage. Re-potting of plants is best done in spring, the beginning of the growing period. Re-potting is only necessary when the plant has outgrown its current container. Always pot up into the next pot size up. Watering: Always water the plant thoroughly and allow the plant to drain, then allow the plant to dry out well before watering again.

Happy Bean, Pincushion Peperomia How to Grow and Care place either back into the same size container after root-pruning or go up only one pot size.

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Any thoughts before it kicks the can?! Does that container have a drainage hole? Have you tipped the plants out to check the roots and are they healthy? After a year, it's possible that the soil has salt built-up and should be dumped.

Peperomia Happy Bean Plant 95mm

Hundreds of plants make up the genus Peperomia , and they're some of the easiest, most attractive houseplants you can grow. These cute, low-maintenance plants, also known as radiator plants, feature a wide variety of textures, leaf and stem colors, and growth habits. You'll want to add as many as you can to your collection. Keep an eye on your plant's soil moisture when you first bring it home, and allow the soil to come close to drying out completely before watering again. Keep in mind that your plant may dry out more quickly in warm weather than it does in the winter months. While peperomias are relatively vigorous growers on their own, they can benefit from an occasional dose of fertilizer.

Mystery Box. Pet-Friendly Box.

Peperomia 'Happy Bean' (10.5cm Pot)

Coolings Garden Centre. You Are Here:. Peperomia 'Happy Bean'The bean-shaped foliage that has given this plant its name, is semi-succulent, so it can store a little water during drier spells - and that makes them less demanding than some of the other houseplants. They form in tight rosettes, which over time can slowly gain a bit of height as they mature Position: bright but indirect light Soil: good potting compost Rate of growth: average Hardiness: tender indoors only Home care: Keep it in a semi-shaded or bright spot with protection from direct sun and water moderately in summer - allowing the compost to get reasonably dry before repeating the process. Water sparingly in winter.

Peperomia Nevada

Radiator plants come in a range of shapes, colours and growth habits, making them versatile plants when it comes to styling a home. They grow into small, textured, heart-shaped leaves. They look great on a windowsill or tabletop, whether in groupings or alone.


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